Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evanston man charged with having unsterilized pit bulls

From Evanston Review

Prompted by a resident's report of animal cruelty, police raided an Evanston Friday and charged the owner with possession of unsterilized dogs by a felon.
On June 3, an anonymous caller told police they'd seen a person wearing a padded bite suit in the 2100 block of Jackson Avenue, according to Evanston police.
Animal Control personnel identified the man as Selton Bell and learned he had two pit bulls that had not been neutered, had expired rabies vaccinations and had no city license, the release said. Officials also saw two spring poles, apparently used to train the dogs.
Police conducted surveillance on Bell's activities and the treatment of the animals, then executed a search warrant at his home upon learning he was a convicted felon, the release said.
The Friday raid uncovered a canine's tooth, two training harnesses, several bite tires, spring poles, a bite suit and two male pit bulls, the release said. Felons are not permitted to own unsterilized pit bulls.
Bell was charged with two counts of owner duties and two counts of possession of certain dogs by felons, both misdemeanors, according to the release.
He will appear in court Oct. 6 in Skokie, the release said.

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