Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holidaymaker attacked by dog near Dorset travellers' site

By Lucy Pearce, Dorset Echo

A HOLIDAYMAKER was attacked by a dog as he walked past a travellers’ site in the Dorset countryside.
Grenville Paget, who lives in Hampshire, was out walking in woods near Tolpuddle with his wife Beverley when the attack happened.
The couple, who are touring the area in their caravan, got lost and came across a travellers’ site at Sares Wood. Mr Paget, who is aged 62, said: “The dogs were barking and we walked past one of them that was tethered.
“We stepped across to the other side of the path and thought that would be OK.
“But we didn’t realise it was one of those leads that extends and he’s leapt up and grabbed my leg.
“I’m actually alright now but I was very much in a state of shock.
“When the dog got me it was behind me and I didn’t actually see it go at me.”
Mr Paget suffered a puncture wound from the dog’s canine and several other cuts.
He said his leg was ‘streaming with blood’ as he managed to walk as far as Affpuddle, where a Good Samaritan gave him a lift back to his car at Tolpuddle.
Mr Paget then went to Dorset County Hospital where his wounds were treated and he received injections and antibiotics.
He said his wife believed the dog was a pitbull-type dog, although it could have been a crossbreed.
Mr Paget said he feared what could happen if young children were to walk past the site and encounter the dog.
He said: “Most of the dogs were on tethers that restricted them but this was unrestrained.
“If a family had been walking along there with a couple of kids it could have been a right mess.
“They wouldn’t have got away.
“They can keep the dog but they need to put it on a proper leash and keep it within their own patch, not so it can go across a public bridleway.”
The incident on Tuesday was reported to police, who are investigating the matter.
Inspector Les Fry, of Dorchester Police, said: “We are always concerned about this sort of attack by a dog when someone is going about their lawful business like walking in the woods.
“We will do all we can to make sure people are safe.”
Witnesses or anyone who can help identify the dog involved are asked to contact the officer in the case PC Paul Bessell at Dorchester Police Station on 01305 222222.

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