Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitten-killer dogs 'could have mauled kids'

By Leighton Keith, Taranaki Daily News

An Inglewood woman is urging anyone having problems with dangerous dogs to report it to authorities immediately.
Nicola Rae, of Dudley Rd, watched helplessly as her neighbour's two pitbull-cross dogs killed her six-month-old burmese kitten, Oscar, on Saturday after he had ventured on to their property.
"The dogs were standing up mauling something cream and I knew it was Oscar," Mrs Rae said.
"One had the head and the other had the tail and they were basically mauling him."
Mrs Rae said the dogs had attacked other dogs about a year ago and she now regretted not reporting it.
Her neighbours were moving at the time of the attack on Oscar and have now left but Mrs Rae wanted the dogs classed as dangerous.
However, New Plymouth District Council enforcement manager Lloyd Crow said prosecuting the dogs' owner would be difficult as the kitten was on their property.
"It does make it more difficult to assess and determine the right course of action."
It was a tragic situation for both parties, he said.
Mrs Rae urged anyone having problems with aggressive dogs to report it immediately.
"We are lucky it was only the cat that was hurt and not one of the kids. Do something about it, it's too late after the fact, you can't rewind time."

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