Friday, September 17, 2010

New Pit Bull Ordinance in Sylvan Lake

By Jason Carr, My FOX Detroit

Sylvan Lake has become the latest community to ban pit bulls. The new law also puts restrictions on residents who already own pit bulls.
Belinda Bryant explained to us how her pit bull came to be named Coco.
“Her name was supposed to be Meatball, but she ate up a bottle of my Coco Chanel #19, so that kind of established her name as Coco,” she said.
Bryant doesn’t feel a new, anti-pit bull ordinance is fair. She says her dog is sweet tempered.
“I didn’t necessarily have a problem with a vicious animal ordinance. I had a problem with a vicious animal ordinance that specifically outlined a pit bull,” she said.
Two blocks down on Beverly Street, we spoke with Agnes Rothe.
“I love dogs, but not pit bulls,” she said.
Rothe wanted pit bulls banned after her grandson was bitten.
“He had to go to the hospital. He’s got stitches, and he’s still got the marks,” she said.
One more street over Andy Wold with his family playing in the backyard told us he just wants to keep his kids and really all kids safe.
“I felt like we needed some strict rules on the types of dogs that we allow people to have in the neighborhood,” he said.
Back on Beverly Street, Bryant’s dog Coco came from a family of pit bulls right next door. Sandy McLennan owns those dogs.
We asked her if she thinks the breed of dog that she owns is being unfairly targeted. She answered, “Yes, I do… mostly because the dogs aren’t aggressive as long as they’re raised right. We’ve had ours since they were puppies, and we’ve had no trouble with them.”
“Any dog, it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure that dog is secure,” said Bryant.
Under the new ordinance, new pit bulls are banned. Existing pit bulls are grandfathered in, but starting October first, yet to be determined restrictions will be in effect for those animals.


  1. Once again another person has been attacked by a dog. Tough new measures are needed to reduce these unnecessary and terrrible attacks. How would like to have your child maulled by dog?

  2. I don't think ANYONE would like to have their child -nor themselves- attacked by a dog.
    I agree that tougher penalties and measures are needed to stem attacks.
    However, since you didn't elaborate, I don't know whether or not I'd be in agreement with the measures taken.


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