Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pitbull and Puppies Trapped Inside Abandoned Home

By Kurt LaBelle, FOX St. Louis

A pit bull and her puppies are trapped in a padlocked home in East Bonne Terre. Neighbors say they've been locked in there for nearly a month and they can't get anyone to help them. When the owner of the house was arrested and sent to jail, the house was abandoned and the dogs left. . Behind the boarded up windows and a pad-locked door, a female pit bull is trapped inside without anyone to get her food or water.
Five outdoor dogs also remain, but at least they can run free and find food outside. But the dog caught inside doesn't have that luxury. The house is locked up tight.

"I've called the Humane Society in St. Louis," neighbor Gary Manser says. "I've called the Humane Society in Farmington. I've called the Sheriff's department to try and get some help to see if somebody could come over here and take this dog out of that house, and nobody has done nothing. And I'm just at my wit's end about it."

The dog inside was visible Wednesday evening through a side window where neighbors have been checking. She was alive, but not well. Her ribs are showing and she's clearly hungry. It's been nearly four weeks since her owner was taken away.

"Come and rescue this dog," Manser pleas. "Take it out of that house and give it to somebody that can give it a good home, because that dog is going to die over there."


Update September 23, 2010 - The following article is by Kurt LaBelle, FOX St. Louis:

Abandoned Dogs Rescued

Dogs Were Locked Inside A Home For Nearly One Month

Several dogs locked in an abandoned home were rescued overnight Wednesday. After the story aired on FOX 2, several viewers called and complained to police. Shortly after, officers removed a pad-lock from the Bonne Terre, Missouri home and rescued the pit bull and her puppies.

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