Sunday, September 12, 2010

Police officer shoots, kills dog in Adams Morgan


D.C. Police say a dog has been shot and killed by an officer during the Adams Morgan Day Festival. Police have not said why the officer fired his weapon at the dog, but witnesses tell ABC 7's Brianne Carter, police shot the dog after an intense fight with a smaller dog.
Witnesses also say a man who tried to stop the fight received a minor scrape.
It's not clear what type of dog was killed in the incident. ABC 7 reports it was a pit bull, while DCist initially reported it was a rottweiler. 

Update September 12, 2010 5:52pm - The following article is from DCist:
Spokesperson: "Policeman Knocked" Owner Off Dog Before Detaining, Shooting It

We recently received an email from a spokesperson for the owner of the dog who was shot and killed during today's Adams Morgan Day festival. According to the spokesperson, the animal's owner -- known simply as Aaron -- is currently too "rightfully distraught" to speak directly with the media.
Here is the full statement by the spokesperson, including a description of what happened this afternoon:
Parrot is [a] two-year-old dog for whom we have cared for almost a month. He has never bitten another dog and is regularly walked along 17th street during the busiest times of day without incident. He's extremely friendly. Today, there was an unexpected scuffle between Parrot and a poodle. Aaron, subdued Parrot, who was wearing both a leash and a harness. To do so, he placed his hands in Parrot's mouth and held it open, which he has done when Parrot gets overexcited when romping in the apartment. As it had in the past, this calmed Parrot down.
At this point, the policeman knocked Aaron off of Parrot. The policeman put his knee in the middle of Parrot's back while pulling Parrot's forelegs behind him, as one would do with an armed criminal. Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, the policeman grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the top of the concrete staircase. He threw Parrot over the banister, down twelve steps, and onto the concrete floor. Then, the policeman stood at the top of the stairs, drew his weapon, and executed Parrot. Aaron cannot recall the number of shots fired.
This photograph, which was taken by DCist commenter Darcycat1 "maybe a minute" before the shooting, depicts the portion of the spokesperson's story in which "the policeman put his knee in the middle of Parrot's back."
Obviously, we will have more on this story as it develops.

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