Monday, September 20, 2010

San Carlos man arrested in alleged fight over dog

By Mark S. Krzos, The News-Press

A little more than a month after San Carlos Park resident Matthew Jarvis was arrested in a fight outside the San Carlos Country Club, Jarvis is back in jail — for fighting.It’s the fourth time since 2005 Jarvis has been charged with battery.
The latest incident took place early Sunday at 3608 Unique Circle in San Carlos Park.
Sarah Lampila told deputies that she found her neighbor’s pit bull running in the street, took the dog inside to keep it from being run over and then called the dog’s owner — Christopher Jarvis, the brother of Matthew Jarvis.
Lampila was unable to reach Christopher Jarvis, but spoke to Matthew.
Some time later, Lampila was sitting outside on her porch with friends Jessica Dugger and James Green, when the two Jarvis brothers approached.
The Jarvis brothers then jumped Green, punching him in the face and throwing him through a screen door.
After the fight, Green told investigators that when the Jarvis brothers arrived at his friend’s trailer, he attempted to give the dog back, but the brothers just began punching him.
Soon the Jarvis’ father, Keith Jarvis, arrived and attempted to stop the fight, but left after getting sprayed by a fire extinguisher. Keith Jarvis told investigators that he did not know who sprayed the extinguisher.
Dugger, Green’s girlfriend, also tried to break up the fight, but ended up getting hit in the face by the two brothers, she said.
Christopher Jarvis said Lampila and her friends stole his dog, and he went to get it back, but did not hit anyone. Matthew Jarvis said he was never there and was home all night.
After being placed under arrest, deputies found black-colored brass knuckles on Matthew Jarvis.

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