Friday, September 17, 2010

Two pit bulls attack woman in Taft Heights

From Taft Midway Driller

Two dogs have been surrendered to animal control officials after they attacked a woman in Taft Heights this week.
It was the second serious dog attack in Taft in a week.
One Tuesday,  Kern County Sheriff's deputies responded before animal control officers to a reported dog attack in the area of Sixth Avenue and D Street just before 8 a.m.
After deputies arrived, medical aid was also dispatched to treat the victim.
The animals, both pit bulls or pit bull mixes, were so aggressive a deputy had to fend them off with his baton, Sheriff's Sgt. Martin Downs said.
The victim suffered  a “fairly severe bite” requiring medical attention, Kern County Animal Control Department spokeswoman Maggie Kalar said.
She  declined to release any information about the victim.
Two dogs were surrendered to animal control officers by their owner, Kalar said.
She would not comment on their fate other than to say they will be held for a quarantine period to see if they show symptoms of rabies.
“They will no longer be in their owners' care,” Kalar said.
This attack came less than a week after City of Taft Animal Control Officer Tracy Bryan was attacked by two pitbulls on the 100 block of East San Emidio Street.
Bryan was treated and released. Both animals that attacked her will be euthanized, according to Taft Police.

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