Sunday, October 10, 2010

“Anti Gay” Gang Rounded Up For Abduction Torture, Sodomy of 3 Victims

By Rudi Stettner, Indy Posted

A gang that had been squatting in a vacant apartment at 1910 Osborne Place in the Bronx and using it as a party spot is facing a list of charges including kidnapping, robbery, assault and unlawful imprisonment for luring a homosexual man to the apartment in which they were squatting, forcing him to drink 10 large cans of malt liquor and sodomizing him with a small baseball bat.
In addition to the unnamed man, his 40 year old brother was robbed of  $1000 dollars and a 52 inch television by the suspects, who put him on the phone with his desperate and imprisoned brother. Two 17 year old boys from the neighborhood were tortured into admitting sexual liasons with the man, after which one of the young man was forced to participate in torturing the older victim.
AOL News reports as follows on the crime that has been denounced by political leaders across New York City.
“Investigators say the teen was stripped, beaten and sodomized with a plunger handle until he confessed to having had sex with a 30-year-old man who lives a few blocks away.
Then, the group grabbed a second teen they suspected was gay and tortured him, too, police said. Finally, they invited the 30-year-old to the house, telling him they were having a party. When he arrived, they burned, beat and tortured him for hours. The attack included sodomizing him with a miniature baseball bat, police said.”
The crime was eventually discovered when the brother and one of the 2 boys gave incomplete accounts of the crime to police. The police, suspicious of the nature of some of the injuries, pressed for a more complete account of the crime and were able to reconstruct what had actually occurred.
The alleged perpetrators are identified as Ildefonzo Mendez, 23; David Rivera, 21; four 17-year-olds, Steven Caraballo, Denis Peitars, Nelson Falu and Bryan Almonte, Brian Cepeda, 16, Elmer Confresi, 23 and a ninth suspect who remains at large.
The suspects allegedly gave their apartment a complete paint job and scrub down before the police arrived, leaving the smell of wet paint and bleach for officers searching the scene. Despite their best efforts, forensic evidence remained that police say will implicate the suspects.
The neighborhood of Morris heights where the crime occurred is known as “gay friendly” with large numbers of openly homosexual men and women reporting no problems with the neighborhood. The neighbors of the suspects describe their behavior as an escalation of criminality out of character with their previously known behavior.
The suspects, who called themselves the Latin King Goonies were known to be involved in some “bad stuff” but were described by many neighbors as good kids. One suspect was even interested in becoming a police officer, a plan which will almost certainly be put on hold until the young man’s legal difficulties have been sorted out.
It is hard to understand the thought processes of the Latin King Goonies” that lives in a big sinful city like New York with slave labor, child abuse and crimes against the elderly occurring on an hourly basis. Why do they choose to vent all of their anger upon transgressions committed in private by individuals all above the age of consent?
Whatever one’s opinions of homosexuality, it is clear that these “men” did not govern their lives by biblical standards of morality, if one is to believe the neighbors of the “Latin King Goonies”.  The fearful neighbors, according to the Gothamist and the Daily News were cowed into silence by the dozen or so pit bulls that guarded the “Goonie house”.
New Yorkers across the board are disgusted with the torture spree committed by the Latin King  Goonies. And one can be very sure that their former neighbors will enjoy the peace and quiet that has for so long eluded those who live near 1910 Osborne Place.

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