Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barrage of bullets rips into Manatee homes

From Herald-Tribune

Police are investigating a pair of shootings launched Wednesday at two homes in Manatee County, a barrage that injured no people but killed a dog.
The first shooting came just after 11:30 p.m. and involved a home in the 5600 block of 12th Street East.
A deputy parked nearby heard roughly 15 gunshots fired off, and raced to the area of the shooting. There, he was met by residents who confirmed the shots.
An investigation showed the barrage had been lobbed at an occupied home, known to be the residence of a gang member and a home that has been similarly targeted by gunfire in the past. But, at least one of the bullets whizzed by that home and hit another, occupied home on a nearby street.
Investigators discovered several 9mm shell casings in the area of the shooting, and recovered projectiles from inside the homes.
The second shooting came just before midnight, in the 300 block of 59th Avenue East.
There, an unknown vehicle pulled to a stop near a privacy fence behind an unoccupied home, according to reports. Five or six shots were fired from the vehicle, which then raced off westbound on 59th Avenue East.
At least one of the shots hit and killed pit bull, which was later found in the home's back yard, deputies noted. A sliding glass door in the rear of the home was shattered, and investigators recovered several bullets and bullet fragments from within the home, along with one shell casing from where the shots were fired.
The shootings come a day after Demetrius Cunningham, 23, and Calvin Barnes, 16, were shot to death in separate shootings in Manatee County. Investigators think the Cunningham and Barnes shootings were related. There is no word on any possible link to Wednesday night's shootings, or whether Wednesday's shootings are related.

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