Thursday, October 14, 2010

Councilman seeks stricter animal laws for perceived Pit Bull problem

By Kelly Quimby, The Harelson Gateway-Beacon

In last week’s work session Councilman Benny Westmoreland asked the city council and City Attorney Rob Monroe to consider passing stricter animal ordinances at Thursday night’s work session.

Westmoreland said that he has recently seen two dogs on his property, and he would like to see ordinances restricting the ownership of what he defined as “dangerous dogs.”

Monroe told the councilman that the city and county already have strict ordinances in place for animals, but he would look at putting a new ordinance together if there is a problem with dangerous dogs.

“We’re going to have a problem sooner or later with these pit bulls,” Westmoreland said. “These animals are monsters.”

The current animal control ordinance requires that domesticated animals be under restraint or the control of their owner. Dangerous dogs are defined as those that cause serious injury requiring medical attention.

Westmoreland said that he would research the number of dangerous dog complaints in the area before he asked the council to vote on another ordinance.

The city of Douglasville, Ga., recently voted down their own pit bull restrictions, following a 4 to 3 vote against the measure. The mayor of that city has since promised to enact tougher laws for pit bull ownership.

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