Saturday, October 16, 2010

Couple robbed at home by 3 armed intruders, money, cell phones and dog stolen

By Aaron Vaughn, KSTU

A couple says they and a friend were forced at gunpoint to lay down while their Liberty Park area loft was robbed Friday night.

Patrick Stotts and his girlfriend Francis Nelson moved into their duplex rental unit on 700 East next to the park a week ago. And now they plan on moving out after they say three men entered their home, faces masked, armed with guns and mace and demanded they hand over drugs.

They say they tore into their closet looking for Marijuana.

"They told us to get down on the ground. They bound Patrick and [couple's friend] Chris with duct tape and put mace on the floor," said Nelson.

"I was just scared for her because they didn't bind her at all and then the gun went off. It was dead silent. I didn't know what was going on," said Stotts.

A shot was fired into the apartment's ceiling.

Fearing for her safety, Nelson gave the masked men hundreds of dollars. They took off with the couple's pit bull puppy.

Before leaving, Nelson says one of the men lowered his facemask low enough to get a vague look at the man.

She describes the suspect as a Hispanic male, 5-foot six or seven inches, with a light mustache.

The couple says that the suspects left a glove behind and are hoping that can provide some leads as to who the men are. 

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