Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dog Fight Leads to Injuries in Park Near Brooklyn Heights

By Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle

Police and paramedics from FDNY responded to Cadman Plaza Park Wednesday morning at roughly 8:20 a.m. when a shaggy light-colored dog named Sophie bit two people — its owner and another woman — during a fight with another dog. Witnesses said that Sophie, possibly part Maltese, allegedly snapped at a brown pit bull/Lab mix named Luna, sparking a ferocious fight. When the owners attempted to separate the howling dogs, Sophie allegedly bit both of them. The sound of the fight and the screams of the owners drew dog-walkers from across the park.
Eventually Sophie sped out of the park, ran across Cadman Plaza West and Henry Street and made it to her home on Cranberry Street, with her wounded owner chasing after her. Witnesses called 911 to summon help for Luna’s owner, still in the park, bleeding from the left hand.
Luna’s owner alleged that Sophie’s owner cursed at her during the fray. “She called me a b****,” she said as a FDNY paramedic bandaged her hand. “She said, ‘You b****, get your *** dog off my dog.’ But her dog bit Luna. Everyone thinks that because Luna’s part pit bull, he’s to blame.”
“That’s racial profiling,” said one of the dog owners remaining in the park.
Sophie’s owner was unavailable for comment.
By 4 p.m., rumors were circulating on a dog owners’ email list that a pit bull had attacked, unprovoked, another dog and two women in Cadman Plaza Park.

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