Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Former Kent resident faces animal-cruelty charge following discovery of starving dogs

By Laura Pierce, Kent Reporter

A former Kent resident has been charged with first-degree animal cruelty, following the discovery of three emaciated, thirsty dogs in a Kent home she reportedly abandoned.
Kydey Hok is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 21.
The King County Prosecutor's office claims that Hok, between Aug. 11 through Sept. 11, left three dogs without food or water in at a home she apparently abandoned on the 1700 block of 212th Street. Hok now lives in Seattle, according to records filed in King County Superior Court.
The dogs were two pitbulls and a daschund - all of whom were found to be severely undernourished. The dachshund weighed 3.12 pounds and had to be given fluids when it was evaluated in early September by a veterinarian, after animal-control officers executed a search warrant and removed the dogs from the home.
According to David Morris, a sergeant with Regional Animal Services of King County, who filed the report, the conditions in the home were extremely bad when officers responded. They were alerted to the issue after a property inspector was sent by a mortgage company to the home, to determine if it was still occupied.
"The garage floor was covered in dog feces and the strong odor of garbage, feces and filth made the police officers gag, a statement from Morris' report reads. The statement is part of the paperwork filed in court by the prosecutor's office.
"There was no water in the toilets or bath tubs," the statement went on to read. "There was no food present anywhere in the house."
Morris concluded in his report, "Hok was criminally negligent when she did not provide adequate food or water for her three dogs and as a result, the dogs suffered substantial and unjustifiable pain caused by severe starvation and dehydration."

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