Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Huntsville Animal Shelter Faces Overcrowding Problems

By Tim Reid, WAAY

Huntsville Animal Services is asking for help from the public. Because of overcrowding problems, officials at the shelter want dog and cat lovers to come adopt a pet.
Jackie O'Connor is doing her part to help. She works as an animal shelter technician at Huntsville Animal Services.
She fell in love with a pit bull that was at the shelter, so she adopted the dog she calls "Layla". "They are not bad, its how they are raised and what you do to prevent bad behavior" O'Connor said. "I felt Layla was here at no fault of her own. She needed another chance at living her life where she is loved".
Many dogs in shelters aren't as fortunate, some will not be adopted and that's why Doctor Karen Hill Sheppard is encouraging dog and cat lovers in Madison county to adopt a pet. If the shelter can't get pets adopted, the pets eventually will be put to death. "So please consider a shelter pet, it's the trendy and right thing to do and will help put a nice pet into a good home" Sheppard said. If you want to adopt a pet you can call Huntsville Animal Services at (256) 883-3782.


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