Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IA town considers pit bull ban


One QCA town looks into a possible pit bull ban, and it has folks in Camanche, Iowa all fired up.
This is not the first time city leaders have considered the ban. It failed two years ago and folks are still torn on the issue.
It is a recent attack in one neighborhood that has banning pit bulls back on the table in Camanche. A local lab was bitten.
"We had neighbors who were frightened," said City Administrator Tom Roth, "We had neighbors who told us they had armed themselves in case these dogs came around. If you think about that, that's not a fair situation for somebody to be in."
City Administrator Roth is one of the advocates for banning the dogs. He said since the city talked about it years ago, there have been two attacks. Thankfully, neither of them were on humans.
"If a dog is determined to be vicious, if it attacks or has the propensity to attack we can have it removed from the community," said Roth.
Neighbors said that is what happened to the two dogs in last week's attack thanks to the city's vicious dog ordinance, but City Administrator Roth said it is not enough.
"There has to be an incident before that ordinance became effective. If it happens it may be too late," said Roth.
He said the city seems to be waiting for a real tragedy, like a child to be bitten, to move on the issue. And neighbors said they just want to feel safe in their own backyards.
"The last thing you need to worry about is a pit bull attacking you, your kids, or your family pet," said neighbor Samuel Moore.
"I've had some good experiences with them and some scary experiences. They come running up to you and they are intimidating," said neighbor Todd Johnson.
Some neighbors did tell me they never had any problems with the pit bulls. The city will discuss the possible ban at the October 26th planning meeting.

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