Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KCK Mom Says Animal Control Not Helping After Son's Attack

By Meredith Hoenes, FOX 4 KC

No one is disputing the fact that a young Kansas City, Kansas, boy was bitten by a neighbors dog. But what has happened since the attack nearly a week ago has left both the victim and his family, and the dog's owner, frustrated.

Kelvin Willforn was playing with friends in his yard last Thursday when a neighbor's dog made it through the fence and attacked.

"My friend yelled 'Dog' and I turned around and the dog was chasing after me," said Willforn. "He bit me on my back and then on my leg."

Brandi Black, Willforn's mother, says that she called 911, and the paramedics recommended stitches. So they went to the hospital, and she says she then called KCK Animal Control.

"I didn't get a lot of help from Animal Control," said Black. "The first initial call I get, he says he doesn't feel like dealing with it tonight, he'll be out first thing tomorrow."

But, while Black and her son were at the hospital, Animal Control did show up at the dog owner's home. Maggy Smith, the dog's owner, claims the officer informed her the dog was a pit bull mix . While she had to give the dog up, she was allowed to send it to a boarding facility, not Animal Control.

Black says she's been trying to call the number the Animal Control officer left behind for her, but no one has answered the number she was given.

"I don't feel like there's been any real concern over my 10-year-old son being attacked by a dog," said Black.

Officials with KCK Animal Control told FOX 4 that they have been trying to get a hold of Black, and using a number that FOX 4 provided they finally did reach her to make arrangements to file a report.

As for the dog, Animal Control officers will hold the dog until Sunday as they try to confirm whether or not it's a pit bull mix.


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