Sunday, October 17, 2010

Man angry after vicious dog baited to attack his pet

By Safira Ali, Waltham Forest Guardian

A WALTHAMSTOW man is disgusted after three women allowed their dog to almost savage his pet for fun.
Joe Swift, 29, of Chester Road, was walking Frankie, a pug, on Low Hall football pitches, Walthamstow, last week when he claims a Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier attacked it while being baited by the women.
When Mr Swift got to the dogs and prised them apart, he said the vicious dog ran to his owners who bundled him into a car before driving away.
Four-year-old Frankie is now recovering at home after having puncture wounds to his body, ear and neck and suffering from shock.
Mr Swift said: “The women were encouraging the dog to fight and winding him up. They had their dog on a leash, but then they let him go and it went for my dog. He had his jaws around his neck and looked like he was trying to kill him by breaking his neck.
“He had punctured his body and thrown him around like a rag doll. I thought he was dead when I was running up to him. I tried to get them apart and put my arm between them. But then he ran back to his owners.
“Some young men who witnessed it tried to stop them from driving away, and one of the women almost ran them over.”
Mr Swift took Frankie to the vet where his wounds were cleaned up and he was given anti-biotics.
Frankie, who is usually friendly and playful and likes to play, has now become introverted, terrified and jumpy, and needing to be around people constantly.
“What is really worrying is that on my way home from the incident I was speaking to a man who had almost exactly the same experience with his poor dog in May, so it seems they are doing it regularly,” he added.

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