Monday, October 18, 2010

Mutilated puppies sold on street corner

By Jeff Maher and Taryn Bianchin, KOB

Police need help finding two men who have been selling mutilated puppies out of a box in southwest Albuquerque.
City officials learned about the abuse after a woman turned in a pit bull puppy to the West Side animal shelter because its ears were infected. The woman says she bought the puppy for $25 from two men near 98th and Sage Road.
Officials believe the men used scissors to crop the puppies’ ears and tails. The men could face animal cruelty charges.
Anyone with information can call (505) 242-COPS.


Update October 22, 2010 12:11pm - The following article is by David Romero, KRQE:

Man charged in animal abuse of dog

Peter Barraza, Jr. arrested for dog's ear clipping

Albuquerque police have arrested 28 year old Peter Barraza, Jr. for sending a pit bull dog named "baby" to get her ears clipped.
Police say Barraza allegedly had a former veterinarian, whose shoddy work on the animal left it's ears infected, do the work.
Barraza was arrested Thursday night and charged with extreme cruelty to animals, a fourth degree felony.
Albuquerque Animal Control found the dog with the cropped ears last Friday and confronted the owner, Miranda Aguilar who said she bought the dog that way from "two thugs."
That information was turned over to the city, which had Albuquerque police detectives investigate.  Media attention helped generate a tip from a confidential informant, who said Aguilar made up the story and Barraza had the dog's ears clipped.
The informant said the man who clipped the ears used to work at a veterinary facility. According to the criminal complaint, that man has not been found and is only known as "Vete."
Police continue to look for the supposed former veterinarian and anyone else connected to the case.
The informant also told police that Barraza was afraid of being charged with the crime and researched possible penalties on the internet for the charges he now faces.
The city says Miranda Aguilar has adopted a number of animals from the city shelter in the past and has been placed on a "do-not-adopt-to" list.


Update October 22, 2010 2:04pm - The following article is by Dan McKay, Albuquerque Journal:

Mutilated Puppy Story Made Up, Authorities Say

Police arrest man believed to be responsible for cutting puppy's ears

Police now question the original story of how "Baby" ended up with badly cut, infected ears.
They no longer believe Baby's owner, Miranda Aguilar, was telling the truth when she said she bought the 2-month-old puppy from two men who had already cropped the dog's ears, according to the Mayor's Office and court documents.
Instead, an arrest warrant has been issued for the man they think is Aguilar's boyfriend, 18-year-old Peter Barraza Jr. He is accused of extreme cruelty to animals, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court. Police arrested him Thursday, officials said.
"We do believe (Aguilar) fabricated the whole entire story about the puppies being sold out of the box," mayoral spokesman Chris Ramirez said. "We believe she was fully aware that Mr. Barraza had been responsible for cropping" Baby's ears.
Baby, a pit bull mix, is getting medical care at Albuquerque's West Side animal shelter, where she has been kept while she recovered. Ramirez said she will be adopted out to a family this afternoon.

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  1. this is just horrible .. i cant believe some ppl are so stupid


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