Wednesday, October 13, 2010


From Tacoma Weekly

On Sept. 28 police arrested a man suspected of taking a pit bull from the Humane Society for Tacoma/Pierce County. Prosecutors have charged Bradley James Brant with first-degree robbery. According to court documents, Evelyn Louise Jordan Zarate went to the facility on Aug. 30 and asked to see a pit bull named Chica, which there because it allegedly killed a neighbor’s dog.  An employee took Zarate to the kennel area. She visited with the dog and left. Brant entered the facility and asked to see the kennel. He said he wanted Chica. Brant allegedly pulled a knife and took the dog.
Another employee saw Brant run to a car with Zarate in the driver’s seat. The suspects drove away.
Later that day officers stopped Zarate. Her boyfriend was following in a Ford Bronco. Chica and another dog were in the Bronco. The boyfriend was cited for driving with a suspended license and the Bronco was impounded.
Zarate told investigators that Brant held a knife to her neck when he got in the car.
Witnesses viewed photo montages and identified Brant as the robber. Prosecutors charged Zarate with first-degree robbery. Her boyfriend was charged with unlawful drug possession after methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription pills were found in the Bronco.

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