Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pit bull still alive, after Columbus Police say owner shot dog twice

By Sarah Panko, WRBL

Two Columbus brothers have been arrested after police say they found thousands of dollars worth of marijuana in their house. But that's not why police were called to the home.
     32-year-old Wesley Sealy and his brother, 42-year-old Frank Sealy are charged with Possession, Manufacturing and Distribution of a Controlled Substance.
     Wesley Sealy is also facing charges of Cruelty to Animals and Discharging a Firearm in the City, after police say he shot his dog.
For neighbor Chad Scrimpshire, he says he never expected anything like this.
"Have you ever heard of anything like this happening?” “in the world, yes. Two doors down, no, answered Scrimpshire.”
Tuesday night police were called to Maplebook Drive near Hollywood Connection in North Columbus.
The man who called 911 says he was working on the sprinklers down the street when he heard shots fired and what he said sounded like a woman screaming. What police found was a dog- shot, twice.
"Have you ever seen his dog?” “No I didn't even know he had a dog, says Scrimpshire.”
But that's not the only thing police found.
According to Gil Slouchick, of the Columbus Police Special Operations Department, patrol saw 12 marijuana plants in the closet and called them.
Slouchick says they found approximately 70 marijuana plants in the house, with a street value of about $137,000 dollars.
Two brothers now face drug charges. The brother who police say shot the dog faces an additional cruelty to animals charge.
The dog is still alive, and as neighbors question exactly what happened in the house, it may be, the only one who knows, can't talk.
Chris Brown, the Special Enforcement Division Officer for Columbus' Animal Control says they are asking the owner to give up control of the dog.
Brown says because of the nature of the injuries, the dog will most likely be put down.
     The charges of possession, manufacturing, distribution of a controlled substance are felonies and carry no bond.
     Both Sealy’s have a Recorders Court date scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.


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