Saturday, October 16, 2010

Puppy dies after attack by pit bull

By Sandra McCulloch, from Vancouver Sun

Pet that killed six-month-old Jet had been involved in previous incident
A blue tick coonhound puppy was so badly injured in a prolonged attack by a pit bull terrier that it had to be put down.
Three men used a baseball bat in an attempt to pry six-month-old Jet from the jaws of his attacker, but the pit bull only gave up when bear spray was blasted in its face.
By then, Jet was bleeding from the mouth, "had a tear in its back leg, a bad gash down the front and its left shoulder broken in two places and torn open," said Jim Scott, father of Jamie, the puppy's owner.
Police are investigating Thursday evening's attack, which happened after Jamie took Jet, his first dog, to Rudd Park in Saanich.
He was holding the puppy on a 10-metre rope to practise basic commands.
Jamie noticed another man throwing a ball for a pit bull.
"I asked him is yours safe to play and he said 'yes'," Jamie, 27, said yesterday.
The two dogs sniffed. The other man threw the ball and the pit bull retrieved it and brought it back. But when Jet picked up the ball, the pit bull lunged at him.
"He was submissive because he doesn't know how to fight," said Jamie.
"The other dog grabbed onto his chest and was pulling his chest off. There was a five-inch by four-inch gaping wound on his chest."
The owner of the pit bull lay on his dog trying to unlock its jaws but to no avail.
Jamie tried kicking the dog, then a neighbour brought a baseball bat.
Jamie called Jim, who lives close by, while others called police and the pound.
Jamie got Jet away from the other dog, but because the pit bull was not wearing a collar, it slipped out of its owner's grasp and attacked again.
"It grabbed my dog's front leg and broke it, then went for its face and neck," said Jamie.
A motorist stopped to help, taking the baseball bat.
"But the jaw was so shut, there was no way to get the bat inside [to pry it open]," said Jamie.
"There were three grown men trying to get a pit bull to break its grip and it just wouldn't."
Jim arrived with bear spray, which he blasted into the pit bull's mouth and nose.
"It let go of my dog and my dog started walking away on a broken leg but he didn't get far -- he collapsed in front of the pit bull owner's van," said Jaime.
The pit bull was muzzled and taken away by staff from Saanich pound.
Jamie took Jet to a veterinarian but the dog's injuries were extensive and he was put down.
"He's really playful and was never away from me," said Jamie.
"He was starting to get into his role as a dog, turning into a really loyal, good dog."
The pit bull was put down yesterday with the owner's permission, said Jamie after receiving word from pound officers.
The same dog was involved in a previous attack earlier this year in Victoria, said Sgt. Dean Jantzen of Saanich police.

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