Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Putting The "Pain" In Campaign


County clerk candidate Steve Fields was just trying to get the word out to voters as he went door-to-door in Muncie, Indiana.
Then pit bull put the "pain" his campaign.
As the Republican candidate for Delaware County Clerk, Fields has been doing a lot of campaigning but that's likely over.
"I was in pain and I looked down and saw my pants were ripped, and I lifted my pants up and saw blood running," said Fields.
Fields was bitten on the leg by a dog described as a pit bull terrier.
The animal is now quarantined because it doesn't have a current rabies vaccination.
Fields was campaigning door-to-door in a Muncie neighborhood on Saturday when he was bitten after the dog broke free from its leash.
He says that the dog let go of his leg when the owners yelled at it.
Fields drove himself to a Muncie hospital for treatment.
The wound, now bandaged, is swollen and has forced the candidate to walk around with crutches only two weeks before the November election.
"I believe in what he represents and I'm glad that he was out there trying to reach the community, but I think that it's sad that this had to happen to him and it's probably going to happen to others too if something doesn't change," said Pam Fields, his wife.
Fields says this isn't how he had hoped to reach voters, as the victim of a dog bite.
"I don't want to be elected because of this. I want to be elected because I'm the right person for the job," he said.
Old fashioned campaigning comes with a hazard, as Steve Fields has painfully discovered.
Fields doesn't blame the dog's owners who he says have been cooperative.
He will be on crutches for several days and will unlikely be unable to campaign door-to-door.


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