Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two men arrested after killing dogs, burglarizing Attica home

From Journal & Courier

Two Attica men suspected of burglarizing a home, killing three dogs at the residence and attempting to set a fire to cover their tracks were arrested early today.
Gene Snoeberger said Bartlow, a former resident at the home, had recently been in a conflict with Edenburn. Police believe the two men went to the home after the altercation for revenge.
Police said Bartlow and Robinson killed an adult pit bull and two mixed terrier puppies by stabbing them multiple times. During the attack, police said the pit bull was able to bite both men.
Gene Snoeberger said after killing the dogs, the suspects brought two mo-peds from outside into the living room and tipped them over to spill the fuel. Newspapers were scattered near the mo-peds and lit on fire.
Gene Snoeberger said the materials in the living room did not ignite, and the fire only burned a small area of carpet.
Police said as Bartlow and Robinson attempted to start the fire, the residents came home and noticed the two mo-peds were missing.
The residents then saw two people running from the home, and identified one of the subjects as Bartlow. Police followed up on the report and located Bartlow at a friend’s home in Attica.
Robinson was also found by police, and both men had multiple bite marks from the pit bull. They did not require medical treatment.
Back at the home, the three dead dogs were found in an open storm ditch. Gene Snoeberger said police followed a long trail of blood that started in the living room to find the animals.
Police also recovered bloody clothes and shoes from both suspects. As of 4 p.m., the items reported stolen and the knife used to stab the dogs had not been recovered.
Both Bartlow and Robinson were booked into the Fountain County Jail on $25,000 surety bond each. Police continue to investigate.

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