Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman mauled by neighbor's pitbulls


A woman was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after she was mauled by two pitbulls in northeast Bakersfield. 

Neighbors say it's not the first time these dogs have gone on the attack, and now the victim's family wants to know why more wasn't done to prevent it in the first place.

A trail of blood runs from the kitchen, down the hall and all the way to the bathroom ... marks that show Barbara Pruett tried desperately to tend to her wounds.

"Here's the shoes she managed to get off and they're all full of blood," said Heather Worfolk, who said her sister walked outside and was suddenly mauled by her neighbor's two pit bulls.

Lucio Curiel was working across the street.  He grabbed his tools and ran to Pruett's side.

"I see the dogs.  I'm not sure what happened," said Curiel.  "I see the dogs and listen to the woman and she's loud.  I come run over to help her."

Worfolk says her sister's leg is torn up and she's lucky she didn't lose it.

Before the attack one neighbor saw the pit bulls going after a cat.  He was able to beat them off with a stick, but the dogs ran away.

John Clark says it's not the first time the dogs have hurt someone in his Mount Vernon neighborhood.  He showed us the fence the dogs broke through.  "They're getting in and out of here," said Clark.

"They got a board here and a door patching that up.  The fence is rotten."

Clark says his aunt wouldn't be in the hospital if animal control had done its job.  "The guy on the corner ... he got bit on the pant leg, they didn't do nothing about it because there was no blood.

Several people have been chased out in the road.  I don't know they just don't do anything.  They come out and look at it and they just let them ... there's the dogs still, still in the yard."

Bakersfield police say animal control only received one report of one of the dogs biting someone and it happened to a guest in the dog's home.

The owner of the dogs surrendered the animals on Wednesday which means they will be euthanized.

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