Friday, December 24, 2010

7-Year-Old Recovers From Pit Bull Attack


Boy Received 100 Stitches In Face, Underwent 2 Surgeries

The scars on 7-year-old Terrel's face are nothing compared to the ones that can't be seen.
One month ago, he was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull while he was playing with friends. His friends were able to get away from the dog by jumping on top of parked cars. Terrel couldn't.
"He slammed me down," Terrel said. "He went for my arm first and then went for my face."
Terrel had to get more than 100 stitches in his face and undergo two surgeries.Animal Control workers took the dog, tested it for diseases and then released it back to the family.
"This is a vicious attack," said Shayla Hamilton, Terrel's son. "I felt like justice isn't being served. I feel like this dog should have been put to sleep. This dog is still out here wandering the streets.
Animal Control workers were off Friday for the holiday and were unable to comment on this story to confirm details on the case.
By law, a dangerous dog is one that bites, endangers or otherwise aggressively attacks a human. An Animal Control spokesman did say that a dangerous dog would be released if the owner made sure to follow certain guidelines.
The dog's owners said the dog accidentally got loose when it attacked Terrel. They said they were cited, and the dog has since been returned to them.
There is a regulation pen in the backyard that holds two other dogs, but neighbors said the one that bit Terrel stays tied up in the front yard."
They real big dogs and dangerous to kids that roam about the neighborhood," one neighbor said.
Hamilton said she wants something more to be done, fearing that something similar or worse could happen to another child."
The doctors told me if that dog had got a hold of his throat, my son would not be here today, and this would not be a Merry Christmas for me," Hamilton said.

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  1. I am so tired of hearing about a pit bull attacking on the news. The media takes stories like this and run with them. Instead they should report how the owner was irresponsible and didn't take proper care of their dog and/or train it. I am the owner of two pit bulls and they are the most loving and caring dogs. Please quit making them look bad and report on the irresponsible owners instead!


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