Monday, December 13, 2010

Blame the Deed not the Breed

By Jennifer Becker, from News Watch International

Certain dog breeds have been given a poor reputation because of aggressive tendencies that they exhibit in certain situations. This is common among animals that were once bred for fighting, as they tend to exhibit aggression that is aimed at other animals as well as some humans. But the fact that most animal groups would like to point out is that it is all in the training.
Many animals that were used for fighting purposes have been reclaimed and make great pets. Pit bulls, also known as pit bull terriers, are one of the most common breeds that receive bad reputations because they are well known for their aggressive nature. Their speed, power and overall body strength has made them the number one choice for fighting.
But many groups are now speaking out on behalf of the pit bulls and trying to prove that they make tremendous pets for many people. However, in most cases pit bulls are one animal dogs. They are often aggressive when other animals are around, which is linked to their fighting nature.
Other animals in this realm include the Chow and the Husky. While they can make great pets for most people, they are not the kind of animal that you have when you want to own several different breeds. They are fiercely loyal and do not have the ability to share the attention of their owners.
As with any pet purchase it is important to fully investigate the breed before making the decision.

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