Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boy in hospital after pit bull attack

By Renee Dials, WALA

An eight-year-old boy said he, his brother, and a neighborhood friend were playing ball in a open field on Dover Street when they were attacked by a pit bull Tuesday. The field is adjacent to Brown's Mobile Home Park on Dover Street.
Two of the children were bitten by the dog. One of the boys remains in USA Medical Center, where he's expected to undergo more surgery, according to a family member.
One boy managed to get away by climbing a tree.
Renee Dials will have the latest on the children's condition and talk to the one who managed to escape the dog's attack tonight on FOX10 News at 5 p.m.

Update December 22, 2010 12:36pm - The following article is by Libby Amos, WALA:

Neighbors say three children were attacked by a pit bull Tuesday. It happened on Dover Street in Mobile. Animal control and police officers responded to the scene. Walter Blackmon was outside washing his pick-up truck when he heard the cries for help coming from three children across the street.
"I heard kids hollering and screaming and a man brought two kids that got bit by a pit bull, took a big chunk outta his leg, so I got my gun and shot twice and got him in the corner until animal control got here," Blackmon said.
Balckmon's wife Rita made the 911 call and helped one of the kids who she said was bitten in the leg.
"We had these towels wrapped around and kept pressure on the bleeding," explained Blackmon. "Got one of them in the groin and the other one in the shoulder."
Another neighbor, Jamaal Valree, said he ran outside with a hammer and knife and helped keep the dog cornered until animal control arrived.
"I was trying to kill the dog man. That dog was trying to tear those kids up and its not a game. I seen that dog before. One of the officers was saying that that dog had been called in before and animal patrol wouldn't do anything about and this after having three kids bit, that's when they did something about it," added Valree.
The dog was taken away by an animal control officer to the Mobile Animal Shelter.
Blackmon, who fired two shots at the dog, said he isn't sure if either of them hit it.
A neighbor on the scene said one of the children made it up into a tree and didn't get bitten.


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