Sunday, December 19, 2010

Des Lacs safer with dogs gone

By Matthew Davy, from Minot Daily News

The recent pit bull attack has shaken our small community of Des Lacs. I write this letter because I think something should be said in response to the comments of the dogs' owners and to raise awareness for other local communities.
The owner says that the dogs were part of the community. They might have lived in the community, but I know most Des Lacs residents were nervous having these dogs in the neighborhood. Pit bulls have a reputation for deadly attacks. You often hear stories of how nice they are, but at the drop of a hat they can attack. This is the dog's instinct, as this breed has historically been bred to fight.
I was always nervous when riding bike by this house, or when I would see the dogs being walked around town. I recall a time when my younger brother and I were playing basketball in our driveway. The owner brought the dogs down the street on a walk, and they were barking and trying to run toward my brother and me. We, knowing what a pit bull is capable of, stepped in our garage until they passed. Soon after, the owner called my mom and was mad that we "ran" from her dogs. In the Nov. 24 edition of The Minot Daily News, Anna Heppler says, "After they were done, they laid beside (the victim) and comforted her. That's not aggressive." Not aggressive would be nipping at someone's fingers. Putting someone in the hospital with wounds to the head, face, hands, legs, and torso is extremely aggressive.
Finally, I could not believe when Heppler asked for our compassion on TV, because there were two families "victimized."
My thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family, however, I do not have an ounce of compassion for the Hepplers. You may have lost your dogs, but, for the time being, the victim's children have lost their mother.
It is sad that it happened this way, but I truly believe Des Lacs is a safer place without those dogs in the community.

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