Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dog Bites Man, Man Sues Bar

By Jen Carlson, from Gothamist

A beer deliveryman dropping of Bud Lite to Williamsburg's Lucky Dog is now suing that establishment after allegedly being attacked by a dog there! According to the NY Post, Edward O'Farril claims he was "traumatized" when the Bedford Avenue bar's pet pit bull "viciously attacked him" as he was bringing in some kegs this summer. He told them he was bit on the thigh while he "was just working, minding my business. It was chained up and it got me anyway." Problem is, the two men named in the lawsuit say they don't own dogs and had no idea anyone was attacked at the bar. The paper says those men are Alfredo Gongora (named as the owner of the bar's building and the dog), and Salvatore Fistensky (named as the bar's owner). We have contacted co-owner Bill Mack to see if he can shed any light on this—but being a dog-friendly bar, one may also surmise that this pit bull was a customers, no?

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