Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dog-Fighting Ring Busted

From Click On Detroit

18 Men Arrested In Illegal Operation

Inkster Police broke up a gruesome dog-fighting ring after raiding a backyard garage filled with bloody pit bulls in the middle of a battle.
An anonymous tip led police to the neighborhood Friday night. Eighteen men were arrested.The dogs were found inside a two-car garage in a 15x15 fighting ring.
Police said when officers showed up, the scene turned chaotic. "They couldn't get out the door once another officer and myself were in the doorway. They were attempting to kick down the wall at the opposite end of the garage to get out," said Lieutenant Matt Allen.
It all happened while the dogs continued to fight. One of the arrested men helped police end the fight using an ax handle and hammer to pry the dogs' jaws open.
The operation appeared to be very sophisticated. Police found a weighing scale, treadmill and penicillin used to health the winning dog.
They also found other injured dogs housed and chained to plastic barrels.
Two of the dogs were put down. The remaining dogs may go up for adoption.Police also confiscated handguns and money.
Only seven of the men arrested remain in police custody. The men who ran the ring will likely face animal cruelty charges and weapons charged.Arraignments will likely come Sunday.

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