Friday, December 24, 2010

Dog is best friend for a cat in trouble

By Bob Gardinier, Times Union

Pit bull out for a walk in Troy helps find feline inside box in trash pile

Phoebe the pit bull was just sniffing around on her regular morning walk when a meow coming from a pile of trash in an alley got her attention.
''I heard this little meow and walked over to the pile, but Phoebe got right in and then had her nose through a hole in a cardboard box,'' said the dog's caretaker, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Melissa. ''I looked through a little hole made when the kitten apparently tried to escape and saw him inside. I could not believe it.''
Melissa called police and Troy animal control took the small gray cat to the Troy Veterinary Hospital for treatment, said Capt. John Cooney, Troy police spokesman.
Cooney said the box was taped up so the cat could not escape and was put in the trash in the alley between 109th and 110th streets and Third and Fourth avenues for disposal.
''The kitten will most likely have a full recovery from exposure and related ill effects and will be held at the facility pending the results of the investigation,'' Cooney said, adding the kitten ''has been officially named Jack in the Box,'' Cooney said.
Melissa said it took awhile for her to realize someone was apparently trying to kill and dispose of the kitten.
''It was a sickening feeling,'' Melissa said. ''I was disgusted and shocked all at once. I'm glad we found him.''
Troy police detectives are conducting a criminal investigation and Cooney said they are hoping to gather information from the public.
Anyone with information on the case may call police at 270-4430.
The veterinary hospital is seeking a home for the cat. For more information call 279-4668.

Update December 31, 2010 8:41am - The following article is by Kenneth C. Crowe II, Times Union:

Man arrested in cat cruelty case

Kitten found taped in box by woman, dog taking a walk in Troy last week

An Albany man sprinted up Sixth Avenue to avoid waiting camera crews after he was charged Thursday with three counts of animal cruelty for allegedly putting a kitten in a sealed box in the trash.
Michael T. Walsh, 48, of 10 Woodbridge Drive, walked out of city police headquarters, saw the cameras and took off with videographers in pursuit.
He ran up the block, turned onto Broadway and disappeared from sight.
Walsh was arrested and received an appearance ticket for the three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty following a police investigation.
He is scheduled to appear for arraignment in City Court Monday morning.
Walsh's arrest followed a police investigation into how a gray kitten, now nicknamed "Jack in the Box," ended up in the trash in an alley between 109th and 110th streets and Third and Fourth avenues in the Lansingburgh neighborhood on Dec. 23.
A woman walking a pit bull discovered the kitten, whose meowing could be heard coming from the trash.
The kitten apparently had attempted to escape from the taped-up box but failed.
The kitten was taken to Troy Veterinary Hospital and treated for exposure and related ill effects, according to police.
"Jack in the Box is in perfect health, is scheduled for neutering by the Troy Vet Hospital and has been found a home, with adoption scheduled for next week," said Capt. John Cooney, a department spokesman.

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  1. I LOVE this! What a happy ending to such a disturbing story.

  2. I LOVE this! What a happy ending to such a disturbing story.


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