Saturday, December 25, 2010

Donations help homeless Texas dog get knee surgery

By Sarah Carney, from KENS

This is the time of year when it seems everyone is asking for help, but dozens of good Samaritans are not only helping one of Austin's neediest residents, but her owner as well.
It was love at first sight for Bobby Brown and his dog, Poopsie. Brown has been living on the streets off and on since he was 14 and this is one companion who has stood by him, no matter what.

“She was in a bad situation, fighting with another pit bull, never letting it be, so I went and met her and fell in love, and that was three years ago and we’ve been together ever since,” Brown said.

Four months ago Brown noticed that Poopsie was limping, so he asked his friend, Laura Cowart, for help.

“I’m basically a self-proclaimed homeless advocate,” Cowart said. “Bobby and I have become really good friends and I tell him, he’s the big brother I’ve never had. I mean, we’ve become very close and that’s why I worked so hard with Bobby and Animal Trustees to get the surgery for Poopsie.”

Members of the community were able to raise the money needed for the surgery.

“I’ve been telling Bobby all along that it’s going to work. I don’t know how, but it’s going to work, and it all came together so it was really special, a special call to find out she was going to get the surgery,” Cowart said. “I was in tears because when I woke up that morning, Bobby didn’t have a place to stay. We didn’t know if Poopsie was going to have the surgery and they called and said Poopsie was going to get the surgery.”

“The Animal Trustees has had a program to work with the homeless peoples animals for about eight years and we’re very proud of that program,” Missy McCullough, Executive Director of the Animal Trustees of Austin, said. “What happened with this dog is we have an emergency care fund which is really low this time of year, so we kind of put out a plea to some of our donors to help with this.”

For now, Brown and Poopsie are staying in a donated duplex. With help from his church and Animal Trustees of Austin, he said they are on a path to a better life.

“Oh it’s all the world. It’s the best Christmas gift yet, ever,” Brown said. “It’s just been a blessing.”


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