Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't dump dogs by the roadside

By Deborah Cornely, from The York Daily Record

To the person who abandoned his dog on my lonely country road: I first saw your dog the weekend before Thanksgiving. He was sitting by the side of a little red barn in a curvy stretch of my road. I slowed to take a look at him. He was brindle colored, had a big mastiff-like head and the muscular build of a pit bull.
Being new to the area, I didn't think too much about the dog. I figured he belonged to a neighbor. He was gone later that day when I passed the red barn, but on my way back, there he was in the same place. I stopped the car, rolled down my window and called to him. He seemed afraid and skittered off to a nearby cornfield.
The next day I spotted your dog walking from the road down the driveway toward my house. When he saw me, he stopped, wagged his tail and gave a little bark. Still believing he was a neighbor's dog, I raised my arms and shooed him away and he ran back toward the road and disappeared.
The next day he was there again by the side of the road near the red barn. It dawned on me that he had been abandoned and was loyally returning to the red barn to wait for his owner to come back and take him home.
I called two dog rescue organizations, the SPCA, our local Animal Control center and a couple of kennels. Since the dog had not been "contained," neither the rescue organizations nor the kennels were interested in retrieving your dog.
You think you did your dog a favor by dumping him on a country road instead of finding a home for him or taking him to a shelter. Think again. What you did was cruel.

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