Friday, December 10, 2010

Ingham County Animal Shelter Investigates Abuse

By Jamie Edmonds, WILX

A dog was dropped off at the Ingham County animal shelter Wednesday in what employees called the worst case of neglect they'd ever seen

When a female pitbull was dropped off at the Ingham County Animal Shelter Wednesday, employees could barely believe their eyes.
"She was emaciated, she had hair loss, what looked like wrinkles all over her body, just in horrible condition," Jamie McAloon-Lampman, the shelter director, said. "Plus, the dog was in an extreme amount of pain."
Lampman said she's never seen neglect like this before, an easily treatable skin condition caused the dog to lose its hair, her nails were so long, she couldn't walk.
"Based on the condition of this animal, it had been neglected for months, if not over a year," she said.
The person who dropped off the dog claimed they found the dog; the shelter has been investigating ever since.
The animal control officers came here to Lenawee Street downtown, but didn't get much information, that's when they offered a reward.
"Volunteers left fliers on the doors of the entire neighborhood," McAloon-Lampman said.
Neighbor Michael Benson knows the dog in question, he's seen her on occasion, and it broke his heart every time.
"It was a very sad sight, very sad sight," Benson said. "It was unkempt, it was sick, it was like the walking dead."
Thanks to similar information from witnesses, the shelter believes they have a strong leads on who the owners are.
"We will continue to take statements, then we'll prepare a warrant and present it to the prosecutor's office."
As for the dog, who employees named Liza, her condition worsened and was in so much pain, the decision was made to euthanize her Friday morning.
"This dog died with people who loved and cared for her and it was pain-free," McAloon-Lampman said.
The moral of the story, she said, is for anyone who sees an animal being neglected, to please call the Ingham County Animal Shelter. The anonymous tip line number is: 517-676-8376.
For pet owners who can't care for their pets, you can drop them off at the shelter for care.


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