Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Loving' pit bull stolen from shelter found chained to tree

By Josh Farley, from The Seattle Times

A pit bull stolen from the Kitsap Humane Society in late August was found Wednesday and returned to the animal-rescue shelter by a good Samaritan.
The dog, named Scarlet, had been taken in a brazen and rare theft that not only saddened the staff but led them to install security cameras in the shelter, according to Animal Rescue Chief Jake Shapley.
"Scarlet was a staff favorite," he said. "Loving. Affectionate. Craved attention. Loved to play. No aggressive tendencies. Basically, a lover, not a fighter."
Staff members suspect she had been stolen by someone looking to use her in dog fights. When she was first brought to the shelter in June, she had scars on her head and legs that Shapley said is consistent with being used as a kind of sparring dog for dog fights.
But she became a loving dog in her time at the humane society, Shapley said — until she was stolen.
She's now back at the shelter, having dropped to 30 pounds from 56. The good Samaritan found the dog chained to a tree near Forest Lawn Cemetery in Bremerton. Shapley suspects that if the culprits attempted to use her for dog fighting, chaining her to a tree without food would make her more aggressive.
Kitsap Humane Society asks anyone with information about Scarlet to call the shelter at 360-692-6977, extension 1216 or e-mail A $500 reward is being offered to anyone whose information leads to a conviction in the case for animal cruelty.

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