Monday, December 27, 2010

Pit Bull Attacks Baby, Neighbor Saves The Day

By Peter Busch, KPHO

Marquis Melvin was just learning to walk.
Now, the 9-month-old can't even crawl.
"He had about two to three cuts that went through the bone, and he had a fractured leg," said Marquis' mom, Judy Cruz.
Cruz said she had just stepped out her front door near 67th Avenue and Adams Street last week, when a stray pit bull latched onto her son's leg.
"It was basically like we were fighting for my son's life. I just couldn't get him off he was so strong and I thought he was going to kill him at one point," said Cruz.
Fortunately, a neighbor heard Cruz's screams for help.
"It was very persistent. I've never seen an animal that was so determined to have that baby," said Richard Farrell.
Farrell said he choked the dog until it let go of Marquis.
He then fought off the pit bull again when it charged into the house after the baby.
Farrell's courage cost him a chunk of his right hand.
"I can feel my fingers so I'll be fine," he said.
As for Marquis, his mom said he's not in too much pain but he's frustrated that he can't move his leg.
Animal control did catch the pit bull on the same day of the attack, but they did not immediately respond to inquiries on the current status of the dog.

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