Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pit bull shot by deputy during West Park attack

By Mike Clary, Sun Sentinel

A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy shot and killed a pit bull this morning after the dog attacked a couple at their West Park Home.
"I was scared to death," said Angela Owens, 47, who was bitten on the left arm and taken to Memorial Regional Medical Center following the 9 a.m. attack. "The dog pushed me down to my knees, and was trying to grab my face and neck."
Owens, a bus driver for Miami-Dade Schools, said her husband Stephen Robinson agreed to care for the dog, called Debo, as a favor for a friend. The dog was caged in the backyard of the couple's home at 4017 SW 26th St.
Owens said her husband opened the cage door to change the dog's water when the powerful canine rushed out of the cage and grabbed her. When she broke away and ran for the house, the dog attacked Robinson, she said. "I was screaming," said Owens. "My brother called 911."
In a press release, BSO spokeswoman Dani Moschella said when deputies arrived "the dog was aggressively biting the man's arm and wouldn't release."
"In an effort to avoid further serious injury to the man, the deputy shot the dog," she said. "The dog died at the scene."
Robinson, 46, declined immediate transport to the hospital "but will likely require further medical treatment at some point today," said Moschella.
Owens said she would likely miss several days of work. "My arm felt like it was on fire," she said, describing the moments when the dog held her arm in its jaws. "It was vicious."

Update December 12, 2010 5:33pm - The following article is from WSVN:

Couple recovers after pit bull attack

A South Florida couple is recovering after they were bit by a friend's pit bull.
The attack occurred in the front yard of Angelia and Steve Owens' West Park home shortly after 9 a.m., Sunday.
According to Angelia Owens, the pit bull turned violent after her husband, Steve Owens, tried to feed the animal. "As soon as he cracked the gate open to reach in and pull the bucket, the dog just jumped right over him and grabbed my arm," she said. "He grabbed my arm, and he locked on. He was trying to get up in between me and the dog, which he did. He got in between me and the dog, and he was trying to tell the dog to let me go. The dog was steady pulling, steady snatching."
Angelia said she managed to break free from the dog. She ran inside her home and called for help.
Meanwhile, the pit bull attacked Steve. "The dog bit me, but he's dead right now. He locked on this bone," Steve said.
The couple was keeping the dog temporarily for one of Steve's friends, who was already considering putting the animal to sleep.
According to Broward Sheriff's Office deputies, they arrived to a bloody scene. "When we arrived, we saw a lady in the middle of the street with her arm bleeding from several puncture wounds. She was in distress, and she said that the dog was attacking someone inside the house as we were there," BSO Sergeant John Phillips said. "They directed us inside of the house. We went in the house and found the dog hanging off that gentleman's arm. It was latched on. He was holding it in the air. The dog wouldn't let go, and he was begging us to shoot the dog."
A BSO deputy shot the pit bull twice, killing the animal.
Steve suffered bite marks and injuries to his right arm, while Angelia was bitten on her left arm. "It scared the hell out of me. I thought he was going to snatch my arm off," Angelia said.
The couple is expected to be OK.


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