Monday, December 20, 2010

Woman's arm broken in dog attack

By Sheila Reynolds, Surrey North Delta Leader

It's been more than a week since Elizabeth Zeek was attacked by two dogs in her own backyard.
But she won't soon forget the terror she felt. And with one arm broken and the other severely damaged, there are constant physical reminders of the horrific incident.
Zeek stepped out of her basement suite into her yard last Sunday (Dec. 12) only to be surprised by two dogs – one of which leapt at her without warning. She had no idea they were in her yard and were apparently visiting someone in another suite in the fourplex where Zeek lives.
"I heard dogs but I thought they were upstairs," Zeek says. "Without growling or anything, the black dog jumped on me and started biting my arms."
A second dog was sitting watching while Zeek screamed and attempted to fight off the first dog. An upstairs neighbour finally came to her assistance and managed briefly to pull the attacking dog away.
But it broke free and charged at Zeek again, and the second dog soon joined in.
Zeek said she heard the bone her left arm break during the attack, which also left her without the use of her right arm and with marks on her forehead, where one of the dogs jumped and bit her.
The dogs were finally pulled away and Zeek's husband called 911.
"If I was a child, I would've been dead," said the Surrey resident. "If I was out there any longer, I would've been dead."
While the dogs, which Zeek describes as pitbulls, were initially seized, she believes they have since been returned to their owners.
Zeek believes the dogs should be put down before someone else is hurt or killed.
"I think they're a danger," she said.

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