Monday, January 31, 2011

33 dogs discovered in Alamogordo home

By Kayla Anderson and Taryn Bianchin, KOB

Cages at Albuquerque’s Westside Animal Shelter are full after animal welfare was called to a home in Otero County on Sunday. There, they found 33 large breed dogs on the property living in deplorable conditions.
Animal welfare officials say this hoarding case appears to be a breeding situation that got out of control. They say some of the dogs hadn’t had human contact in years. “They were living in their own feces and probably had been for quite some time,” explained Mary Knight with animal welfare.
Mary Knight was called to Otero County on Sunday. Deputies there desperately needed someone to rescue dogs from an Alamogordo home. “It was quite a scene,” said Knight.
There were a total of 33 dogs found at the home. Knight tells us the dogs just became too much for the elderly man that lives there. “And then it just got out of control because he’s old and couldn’t take care of them and then of course none of them were spayed and neutered,” Knight said.
The dogs are all large breeds, mostly pit bulls and bull mastifs. The biggest one seized is a gentle giant, weighing 160 pounds. The man had as many as three per 5’x5’ cage. “As they came, they just started stock piling them wherever they were at,” Knight added.
Animal welfare took nine adults and six puppies and brought them to Albuquerque’s Westside Shelter. More than a dozen dogs were left behind, many of them are too unsocialized to be saved. The Alamorgordo animal control will care for them.
“When you drive off and have to leave some behind, it really affects you. But we can only save so many,” Knight said.
The dogs will be evaluated, fixed and given a full medical exam. Then, they’ll be available for adoption beginning February 8th. If you’re interested in saving one, you can go to the Westside Animal Shelter and put a priority hold on a puppy or dog as early as Saturday.


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