Monday, January 31, 2011

Bystanders save Eugene woman & service dog from dog pack attack

By Chris McKee, KMTR

Bystanders save Eugene woman & service dog from dog pack attack

A Eugene woman has three strangers to thank for escaping serious injury on Monday afternoon, after a pack of three dogs attacked her and her service dog.
It happened near west 8th Street and Polk in west Eugene on Monday afternoon around 12:30 p.m.
The victim was heading to job interview with her 6-month old black Labrador-retriever service animal, which she has because of an epileptic condition.
Witnesses say the woman was walking down 8th street when three pit-bulls ran up to her and her dog, knocking the woman to the ground and attempting to bite her.
One of the dogs bit the victim’s dog in the pit of its right leg. The woman avoided injury.
Two people in a car driving by saw the attack happen and stopped to help the woman, grabbing two of the three dogs. Another man working on his home nearby, Scott Downey saw the attack as well. Downey fought off another one of the dogs with a recycling bin.
“I just know that if it was happening to me, I would hope that people would come running, and a lot of people did come running and good for everybody for helping out,” said Downey.
Eugene Police responded to the incident, detaining two of the dogs. A third one ran into the backyard of a nearby home. Police say the dogs escaped from a hole in the fence at that house, near Almaden and 8th Street.
Once the animals were separated, Eugene Police officers say they had no problem detaining the dogs responsible for the attack.
“They're playful and lovable dogs, you know so we didn't have to be very aggressive at all,” said Sergeant J.R. Webber.
“I mean, took a while to get the dog in the back of the patrol car but luckily one of the officers had his lunch bags there,” said Sgt. Webber.
Eugene Police will forward the police report to Lane County Animal Services. It will be up to Animal Services as to what happens next. Eugene Police say the owners will likely face a citation related to having dogs at large.

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  1. County Code allows any person to immediately kill any dog that they see bite any person or bite any domestic animal. If it got out then it didn't want to be with jack wipe owner. Nothing is wrong with pit-bulls. It is just that they are the favored dog of Jack wipes.


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