Monday, January 17, 2011

Dogs deserve a home

By Doni Manning-Cyrus, from Democrat Herald

As a volunteer at SafeHaven Humane Society, I see many terrific dogs come and go. What saddens me is when a wonderful dog or cat is passed over week after week.
As of last Friday, there were two beautiful pit bull mixes residing at SafeHaven. I had cleaned their kennels and socialized with them for the past several weeks.
They are easily two of the gentlest dogs I’ve ever met, Aimee and Jack.   They never attempt to bolt out the door of the kennel. They don’t jump up. Aimee eats her breakfast side by side with her roommate. Jack is so happy he had to be moved to a larger kennel so that he would not beat his wagging tail on the chain link. I love to sit down on the floor with these dogs and give them a good all-over scratching. Jack licks my face a bit (with none of the persistence of my own cocker spaniel), but Aimee is so respectful, she doesn’t even try.
I have, of course, wondered if the reason these lovely dogs are still available isn’t perhaps because they are part American Staffordshire terrier. However, during the year and a half I have been volunteering with dogs at Safehaven, I have never felt afraid of any of the pit bull mixes I have encountered.
I hope the public will come to know these friendly and loving dogs as individuals and give them the chance they deserve, knowing that the staff members at SafeHaven are judicious in placing the right dog in the right home.

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