Thursday, January 27, 2011

Families of pit bull victims combine efforts for change

By Michelle Boudin, WCNC

After two separate pit bull attacks on children, one of them deadly, two families are joining together for change. 5-year-old Mikayla Woodard and 6-year-old Jakob Clark share a bond that no parent could ever want to be a part of, both were attacked by pit bulls.
“When do we need to wake up, do something, and protect our children? It’s just gotten outrageous, I don't understand it,” said Jakob’s father Thomas Clark.
Jakob was in the hospital recovering from a pit bull attack when his family heard about what happened to Mikayla. She was killed after 2 pit bulls went after her and attacked her.
“We were horrified, thought it was a misprint, [it] even mentioned a grandmother” Clark said. “Then we read the article and just cried. We’ve thought about that family ever since.”
Today the two families spoke.  Mikayla’s family started a petition for tougher laws to ban pit bulls or force owners to register.
“They wanted to know if we could pool our efforts, I said anything I can do to protect our children. I’m a dad and I wish I’d done this before it happened to my child,” Clark explained.
Clark even had a heart-to-heart with his son about the families teaming up.
“We prayed about it and talked to him, right after Mikayla lost her life. I said ‘what do you think Jakob, should we try to prevent from happening to someone else?’ ‘Why wouldn't we daddy?’” Clark says.
Clark knows his family is lucky, though they have been in the hospital since Christmas and have a long road ahead, they’re heading home as a family.


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