Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family: Atlanta Police Officer Killed Their Dog

By Hena Daniels, CBS Atlanta

Charles Wilson Says His Puppy Was Shot In Her Own Backyard

Charles Wilson found his beloved pit bull Queen lying in her own pool of blood after he says an officer shot and killed her.
"To get a call and say police killed my dog, knowing they had no reason back here. This is private property," said Wilson.
According to Wilson, the alarm system went off at his mother's convenience store, The Supermarket, Friday morning. Wilson says he and his mother to investigate and found nothing. Wilson claims they called the alarm company and told them not to send police but less than an hour later, Wilson got the call an officer killed his 1-year-old puppy.
"I don't have the words to tell you how painful this is for me," said Wilson.
A spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department tells CBS Atlanta the officer went above and beyond her duty by thoroughly checking the premises, but as Wilson showed reporters there is a huge sign warning people of the dogs. There are also two bungee chords, two chains, plywood and barbed wire making it very difficult for anyone or any dog to make it in or out. Wilson believes the officer shot his dog through the fence.
"They saw the signs. They see there are dogs back there. For you to still go back there open up the gate 45 minutes after the alarm canceled the call. This isn't just a dog. It's my dog. It's my baby," said Wilson. 


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