Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kentner gets 14 years for child abuse

By Michael Smothers, Pekin Daily Times

For punching his 9-month-old son repeatedly and breaking his ribs and arm while babysitting him, Anthony Kentner of Pekin was sentenced this week to 14 years in prison.
Kentner, 27, will serve four additional years behind bars for an unrelated vehicle burglary, under the sentences imposed Thursday by 10th Judicial Circuit Judge Stuart Borden at the Tazewell County Courthouse.
The punishment came 16 months after Kentner, whose address was listed in court records as 2439 Lakeshore Drive, Apt. 13, admitted pummeling his son and dragging him by the arm across a bed while the child’s grandmother was away at work.
Because the victim is a juvenile, court documents detailing the child’s name and the location of the attack remained closed. Kentner’s wife at the time, the mother of the victim, filed for divorce a day after the incident, according to court records.
Before his sentencing, Kentner pleaded guilty to aggravated battery of a child, punishable by up to 30 years in prison, and to burglary for breaking into a vehicle six weeks prior to the beating incident. He had remained in the Tazewell County Justice Center under $500,000 bond since his arrest.
Available court records revealed that shortly after 5 a.m. on Sept. 28 last year, police were called to Pekin Hospital, where the child had been taken. His grandmother related that she had been summoned from work and that Kentner told her the child was injured when her dog, a pit bull, jumped into his crib.
Kentner at first told the same story. He was unaware the child was being injured, he had claimed, because he was playing computer video games in another room.
Pressed by police, Kentner then admitted he punched his son several times with his knuckles in the head, face and chest and then dragged him by an arm across a bed. Court records did not reveal why he attacked his son.
The child was hospitalized for several days after the attack.
Kentner was given 122 days of credit for time served in jail since his arrest.

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  1. I lived upstairs from Ketners best friend EJ Youmas and Jamie Winkler.
    They lied at first to the police about what Anthony did.Told them the pitbull had jumped in the crib.
    Anthony was his best buddy after all!
    It was EJ that was on the gaming site with Anthony when this occured.
    I then contacted Tazwell police and the El paso police opicked EJ up for questioning .
    When they showed him the picture of the baby with the swollen head EJ told the truth...Anthony wanted to game not take care of a crying baby!


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