Saturday, January 1, 2011

Man arrested following violent death of puppy in Victoria motel

By Victoria Times Columnist, from The Vancouver Sun

A 24-year-old Victoria man has been arrested after a three-month puppy was beaten to death in a downtown motel suite early Saturday morning.
At 1 a.m., Victoria police were called to the Traveller’s Inn after motel guests reported hearing a dog crying out in pain and what sounded like someone beating it in one of the suites.
When the officers arrived, they found the three-month-old pit bull motionless on the bed, dog feces and bloody towels all over the suite, according to Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Grant Hamilton.
“They were quite disturbed by what they found.” he said.
The man, who was alone in the suite, was arrested.
An autopsy showed the dog had been severely beaten and died of internal injuries and multiple fractures, Hamilton said.
The man had been looking after the dog for someone else, Hamilton said. The owner has been notified.
Police are recommending charges of killing an animal and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, along with four counts of violating previous court orders.
The man is known to police and was on bail at the time for other offences.
The man appeared before a justice of the peace Saturday afternoon. He will be held in custody until his court hearing on Tuesday.

Update January 19, 2011 2:06pm - The following article is by Cindy E. Harnett, Times Colonist:

Victoria man charged with beating puppy to death makes court appearance

A 24-year-old Victoria man charged in connection with the beating death a three-month puppy in a downtown hotel on New Year’s Day indicated in court Wednesday he intends to enter a guilty plea.
Brent Malcolm Connors, 24, appeared in court briefly by video link on Wednesday. He is scheduled back in court on Jan. 26 to enter the plea.
Connors is charged with killing an animal, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and four counts of violating court orders.
On Jan. 1 at 1:30 a.m., Victoria police were called to the Traveller’s Inn City Centre at 1961 Douglas St. after hotel guests reported hearing what sounded like someone beating a dog, and a dog crying out in pain.
According to a written statement given to police by the hotel’s night auditor and obtained later that day by the Times Colonist, two women staying on the third floor told front desk hotel staff that they heard a dog “screaming and whimpering” and a man yelling “stupid!” coming from room 328.
When the women investigated and were invited into the hotel suite, they reported seeing dog feces throughout the room and a man kicking a puppy, wrote the night auditor, Eric Lamont.
Police arrived to find a three-month-old pit bull dog motionless on the bed, and dog feces and bloody towels all over the suite, according to Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Grant Hamilton.
The puppy was rushed to a 24-hour veterinary hospital but could not be saved.
An autopsy showed the dog had been severely beaten and died of internal injuries and multiple fractures, Hamilton said.
The hotel, located on the corner of Douglas and Discovery streets, offers longer-term suites to low-income tenants.

Update January 26, 2010 2:07pm - The following article is by Sandra McCulloch and Cindy E. Harnett, Times Colonist:

Protestors descend on Victoria hearing for man accused of beating puppy to death

A 24-year-old Victoria man pleaded guilty in Victoria provincial court Wednesday to beating a 12-week-old pit bull puppy named Bandit to death in a hotel room on Jan. 1, 2001.
Brent Malcolm Connors also pleaded guilty to breach of recognizance by possessing a controlled substance, steroids. He will be sentenced on Feb 2.
The case has garnered a strong public reaction with petitions and a Facebook page calling for “Justice for Bandit.” Protestors gathered on the sidewalk Wednesday to call for a lengthy sentence.
At a hearing Wednesday, details of how the puppy died brought some members of the public gallery to tears.
Connors, a muscular man with a shaved head, sat impassively in the prisoner’s dock. He alternated between looking at members of the public gallery and sitting hunched forward with his head bowed, nearly out of view.
At 12:48 a.m. on Jan. 1, Victoria police got called to attend Traveller’s Inn at 1961 Douglas St. after two guests reported hearing a dog crying out in pain. Officers arrived to find Connors calm as he answered the door but the puppy was on the bed, immobile.
“It appeared to be dead,” said Crown prosecutor Leslie Baskerville.
Connors had vodka in the room and appeared to have consumed some alcohol but wasn’t drunk, said Baskerville. There were three types of steroids in the room, as well as score sheets and cell phones.
There was a strong odor of feces on the walls, floor, bed sheets, bathroom and kitchen of the unit. There was also blood on the floor, shower curtain, walls and bed.
The puppy was rushed to a veterinary hospital but was dead on arrival. Its injuries included 10 broken ribs, a broken jaw and orbital bone, missing teeth and soft tissue damage to the abdomen.
It died from internal bleeding.
An acquaintance, Cody Patterson, asked Connors to look after the puppy for a few weeks. It appeared for most of that time that Connors treated the dog with care, said Baskerville.
Baskerville asked Judge Ernie Quantz to incarcerate Connors for three to four months and add another 30 days for the breach. She asked the courts to send a message to Connors and others that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.
Defence lawyer Martin Allen said his client agreed to plead guilty on the basis that the Crown was seeking three months’ incarceration.
“This was not a case that was intended to go to trial,” said Allen.
Connors should be given credit for nearly a month of “hard time” at Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre where he was been kept separate from the general population for his own safety.
Connors’ father is a retired Victoria police officer. While his father supports his son emotionally, others in the family have signed a petition asking for a lengthy sentence, said Allen.
“He finds himself virtually alone in the world,” Allen said.
The crime stemmed in part from Connors’ addiction to body-building steroids and low self-esteem issues, said Allen.
Connors needs to feel “big and strong and tough and needs to build himself up,” said Allen.
“He’s suffering clearly from some sort of psychosis.”
The side of effect of taking steroids include heightened aggression, Allen said. This led to “an almost inexplicable explosion,” Allen said.
Allen asked Quantz to sentence Connors to 45 days in jail, with more than the normal credit for time already spent in jail.
Quantz said such cases of psychosis stemming from steroids are rare but decided against ordering a pre-sentence report with a psychiatric component.


Update January 27, 2011 11:08am - The following article is by Erin Cardone, Victoria News:

Sentence for man who killed puppy expected next week

Brent Malcolm Connors' addiction to steroids contributed to his violence against a puppy he was caring for that left the three-month old pit bull, Bandit, dead, his defence lawyer said.
Without proof, though, it can't be asserted the 24-year-old's steroid use is a mitigating factor in the puppy's beating death, Justice Ernie Quantz said.
Connors' defence lawyer Martin Allen and Crown prosecutor Leslie Baskerville presented their submissions Wednesday morning in a sentencing hearing for Connors, who pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering of an animal and breach of recognizance.
Crown stayed a third charge against him – killing an animal.
Connors will be sentenced Feb. 2.
"I'm encouraged by the fact that the judge doesn't seem to be buying some of what the defence is saying about the steroids," said Ryan Stringer, who listened to the hearing at the Victoria Law Courts.
The maximum sentence for animal cruelty was increased to 18 months in 2008 from the previous max of six months. Crown is asking for a sentence of three to four months to be served consecutively with a 30-day term for breaching his recognizance by possessing drugs. Baskerville also asked for a 10-year ban against owning or caring for an animal to be placed on Connors' record.
After pleading guilty to the two charges, Connors, a muscular man with a shaved head and goatee, often hung his head or scanned the crowd who had attended the hearing.
Baskerville, who called the injuries inflicted on Bandit "abhorrent," drew gasps and tears from the crowd of about 20 people when she described the scene of the puppy's death.
When Victoria police attended the Traveller's Inn City Centre at 1961 Douglas St. at 1 a.m. on Jan. 1, they found dog feces all over the room, along with the puppy's blood on the shower curtain, floor, walls and bedsheets.
The feces, Allen said, was caused by a bowel disorder that resulted from antibiotics Connors gave the pit bull after it developed an infection in its clipped ears.
Connors had been caring for the dog, who belonged to a friend, for about three weeks prior to Bandit's death.
An autopsy by a veterinarian found Bandit had 10 broken ribs, a broken jaw, ruptured liver and other injuries. The puppy died of blunt-force trauma.
"Because of the kind of publicity this case has received, the threats to police by the dog's owner and others, Mr. Connors has been held in segregation" at Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre for two weeks, followed by 10 days in protective custody, Allen said.
He added Connors' difficult conditions in prison should contribute to more weight given to his time already served. Baskerville, on the other hand, asked he be given only one-for-one credit.
The Feb. 2 sentencing is set for 9:30 a.m. in room 104 of the courthouse, at 850 Burdett Ave.

Update February 2, 2011 - The following article is from sify News:

Canadian jailed for beating his puppy to death

A Canadian man has been locked up for six months for beating his puppy to death.
A court in Victoria, which is the capital of British Columbia province, Wednesday sentenced 24-year-old Brent Malcolm Connors for beating his dog to death last month.

'I am really sorry for what's happened. It really affected me. I hope it never happens again to any other animal,'' the local Victoria Times Colonist newspaper quoted the accused as telling the judge.

He was arrested Jan 1 after guests at the Traveller's Inn called police after hearing a dog in pain in a hotel room. When police entered Connors' room, they found his 12-week-old pit bull seriously beaten.

The puppy was rushed to a veterinary hospital but died from its injuries, which included 10 broken ribs, internal bleeding and a broken jaw, according to the newspaper.

Locking him for six months Wednesday, the judge said, 'The Criminal Code makes it clear that the willful infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on animals violates one of the basic tenants of our society and is deserving of punishment. It is also conduct which most members of our society find repugnant and morally reprehensible.'

After he completes his sentence, Connors will be put on probation for two years. During the probation period, he will have to maintain employment, not possess or consume any non-prescription drugs, complete counselling or treatment as directed, not keep knives, and do 75 hours' of community work, according to the newspaper.

The judge also ordered the convict not to own animals or birds for 10 years after completion of his jail.

Taking into consideration 'the level of brutality directed towards this young dog, I am satisfied that the offender should be prohibited from owning, having the custody or control, or from residing in the same premises as an animal or bird for 10 years,' the judge ordered.


  1. Police are not releasing the name of the POS that beat the puppy to death, but through news articles I was able to come up with a name: BRENT CONNORS

  2. why not realease the name of this asshole!?what this trash did to a helpless innocent puppy?!thats whats wrong here!you do nothing!this trash should be beaten to death!an innocent,helpless puppy!and what s done about it?!this is just why,this crap don't stop!


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