Monday, January 17, 2011

Man, dog shot to death by Santa Ana police

By Jaimee Lynn Fletcher, The Orange County Register

A man and a dog are dead after an officer-involved shooting around 4 p.m. Sunday. Police did not identify the man who was shot, but a witness to part of the incident said it was Martin Ruiz, 18.
Police and District Attorney investigators are on scene in the 1100 block of Shelton Street.
The man ran from police after he was approached over a suspected probation violation, police said. He was shot and killed at a neighbor's home, police said.
Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department said the man was on probation for a weapons violation.
After officers approached him, he ran home and released a pit bull, Bertagna said. The dog attacked the officers, and the man ran off to another home four doors down, Bertagna said.
Police shot the dog, and continued after the man, Bertagna said.
There was an altercation at the neighbor's home, shots were fired and the man was killed, Bertagna said.
There was a weapon found next to the man's body, Bertagna said, adding that he didn't know what sort.
No officers were injured in the shooting, police said. The number of shots fired and how many officers were involved has not yet been disclosed.
Anabel Gil, 22, who lives in the neighborhood, said the man was her 18-year-old cousin, Martin Ruiz.
She said she saw her cousin run but the dog did not provoke the officers.
"The dog didn't attack," she said. "He was barking (because) the police just came inside."
Gil said her cousin ran from the police and jumped the fence into her neighbor's yard. She said her cousin had nowhere to go and she heard shots being fired.
"That's what upsets me.... He was cornered and had no where to go," she said. "They don't want to give us any updates. They just keep pushing us back and that's what makes me think that there was something wrong."
Gil said her neighborhood is swarming with police officers but her family has been given little information about the incident. Four hours after the shooting, Gil still did not have any information.
Neighbors who lived on Shelton Street were told by police they would have to wait up to seven hours before re-entering their homes.
A 19-year-old named Martin Ruiz is currently wanted on misdemeanor warrants for grafitti and possession of ammunition.



  1. Orange county has a policy that you do not ever kill a dog. That is what they issue pepper spray for. Why in the world would they ever kill a dog? Big bad guys.

  2. I love dogs and I have broken up my pitbull fight with a garden hose.



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