Monday, January 24, 2011

Missing Dog Will Die Without Meds

By Lindsay Watts, KRDO

Owners Believe Pit Bull With Emphysema Was Taken From Yard

A dog with a life-threatening condition goes missing from a Springs home Sunday morning.
The owners said if their 2-year-old pit bull Sadie doesn't get her emphysema medicine soon, she'll die.
Shane Balentine said he believes someone took the dog from his front yard on Norwood Ave. near Southgate Rd. at about 6 a.m.
"She's a beautiful dog, very unique, very sweet," he said.
He said Sadie has never run away before. Balentine and his family spent most of Sunday searching for her.
"She's our family, she's like my kid," said Balentine.
He said Sadie only survives with a daily dose of medication.
"She'll be real short-winded and she won't be able to even lift up her legs hardly," he said of what will happen if Sadie doesn't get her meds.
The family is asking for Sadie to be returned no questions asked. They said they're running out of time to find her alive.
"I just hope whoever took her would have the decency in their heart to bring her home, please," said Balentine.
Sadie is reddish brown and medium sized with a white nose and a red patch over each eye. If you think you know where she is, call Colorado Springs police at 444-7000 or call Shane Balentine directly at 719-344-3060.


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