Monday, January 10, 2011

Pit Bull Found Dead, Frozen Outside Richmond House Trailer


Police in Richmond are looking for a woman after a dog was found dead and frozen in the extreme cold.
Animal Protection Services also found other dogs inside the woman's house living in deplorable conditions.
The name of the woman has not been released because police have not been able to locate her yet. However, neighbors call what happened inside her trailer heart-rending, and they hope that the other two dogs can be saved.
Police said a neighbor called 911 on Sunday morning and was worried about the pit bull that was chained up to the trailer. By the time officers arrived, the dog was dead. Officers said it was left out in the freezing cold for days and likely had no access to food or water.
"How could somebody let that happened to their animal?" said Kevin Goforth.
Goforth lives next door to the trailer, and said he has called Animal Protection Services before. He said he was not surprised to hear that authorities found two more dogs inside the trailer. Police said the trailer was smeared with feces.
Investigators said one of the pit bulls that was found inside the trailer shows signs of malnourishment with ribs visible through her coat. Detectives said they did not find any sign of food or water.
"The animal suffers itself and shouldn't have to suffer. It breaks my heart because I love animals," Goforth said.
The pit bull pup and the adult dog are up for adoption at the animal shelter on Chester Boulevard in Richmond.Officers continue to search for the woman who lives in the trailer. She is likely to be charged with animal cruelty. If you have any information about this case, contact Richmond police at 765-983-7247.

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