Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pit bull rescue group says neglect cases are up

By Theresa Collington, WTSP

Here's some information we received from a Tampa Bay rescue group that rescues and adopts Pit Bulls that have been abandoned or neglected:

Rugaz Rescue, a Tampa Bay area non-profit organization that rescues and adopts out hundreds of abandoned and neglected American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT's) and Pit mixes annually, is seeking foster homes and donations to help with a dramatic increase in severe neglect cases; three are from just last week.

On Friday, January 7th, Barnaby, a 1 year old pit mix, was found wandering a street in Hillsborough County and was nearly starved to death. Medical causes for his emaciation have been ruled out so it appears it is simply a case of being denied food. Rugaz Rescue believes that Barnaby was being held in a confined area and denied food as he was covered in urine stains and has sores on his elbows.
To help prevent bloat, a potentially fatal condition that can be caused by eating too fast, Barnaby is being given multiple small meals throughout the day to help him slowly gain the weight he desperately needs. Barnaby is in a foster home but will be seeking an adoptive home once he has recovered.

On Friday, January 7th, Frisco, a 2 year old pit mix, was transferred to Rugaz Rescue from a Manatee County animal shelter. His ears had literally been chopped off his head and his face was oozing from an infection left untreated. Frisco has to undergo painful daily scrubbing of his infection as well as numerous daily medications to treat it. He's also been given a mild sedative to try to relieve his pain from the swelling and itching from infection. He is being confined to a crate right now because his wounds open up when he moves.
Frisco is currently being hospitalized and was receiving emergency medical treatment last night. Hopefully he will soon be on his way to recovery and looking for a foster home.

On Saturday, January 8th, Honey Bun, a 1 year old pit mix, was transferred in from a Miami area animal shelter. The volunteers and staff had fallen in love with her and worked diligently to find a rescue group that could take her in and treat her severe skin infection known as Demodex, which had caused itchy, oozing, swollen sores all over her body.
Unfortunately Honey Bun had gone a long time without treatment and is one of the most severe cases the rescue has seen. She is currently undergoing medical treatment and will be seeking a foster home once she's stable.

These cases are all on the heels of Oliver, the pit mix puppy who was found last month suffering from a large wound on his leg, a puncture through his ear as well as itchy sores all over his body from a severe skin infection left untreated. Thanks to the generosity of the community, Oliver is receiving the medical treatment he needs and he continues to improve every day. Oliver will soon be looking for a permanent home.

Rugaz Rescue relies solely on foster homes to rescue and rehabilitate as many neglect and cruelty cases as possible. However, requests to take in neglect cases are pouring in so the rescue organization is seeking additional foster homes to help. Foster homes are provided with all necessary medication, a training crate, collar/leash, bowls, etc. Foster homes are asked to provide their foster dog with dog food and TLC.
Animal lovers can also help by making a donation to help provide medical treatment and care for Barnaby, Frisco, and Honey Bun. Donations for their care can be made directly to the Regency Park Animal Hospital at 727-848-6247 or via paypal at the non profit's website,
Permanent, loving homes are also needed for puppies and dogs who are ready for adoption. All dogs and puppies have received a behavioral/temperament evaluation and are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, include a voucher for free post-adoption wellness exam and more.
In addition, many of their adoptable dogs are currently attending weekly classes with their foster parents to receive their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification.
For more information on adopting or fostering, email or contact Devilyn at 727-505-2794. For the latest updates on these cases and others visit their facebook page at www.facebook/RugazRescueInc.

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